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Kyle Mazza

Hey! This site isn't currently maintained...=

If you're visiting this website right now, it'll be a while until it gets updated!


This used to be more of a resume/profile website, but I don't really need it to be that anymore. The site will still exist, since I'll use it for something else at some point. But for now, it will be in SBNO (standing-but-not-operating) mode.


Settlers of Mars

Settlers of Mars

Settlers of Catan clone made in Java with local 4-player multiplayer

The Maestros

The Maestros

Website made for Systence Games using jQuery and Bootstrap



Pokedex website built using the PokeAPI, PHP, and MySQL

More Coming Soon...

MEAN, ReactJS, Class Management Web App, and more!




Woah, you made it down here, even though there's nothing here? I appreciate your curiosity :) Feel free to link up with me on Linkedin, GitHub or Twitter!