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Kyle Mazza

I am a Senior Computer Engineering and Computer Science student at Cal State Long Beach!

If you're visiting this website right now, a new website is currently about to enter development! (01-08-2019)


I am currently a student at CSU Long Beach studying Computer Science. In my free time, I'm always doing something creative, whether it be programming, music, something entirely new! I push myself every day to learn new things and experiment with different ways of doing things..

I'm 24 years old, from sunny Southern California. I began programming in December of 2016 and have been chugging along ever since.


Settlers of Mars

Settlers of Mars

Settlers of Catan clone made in Java with local 4-player multiplayer

The Maestros

The Maestros

Website made for Systence Games using jQuery and Bootstrap



Pokedex website built using the PokeAPI, PHP, and MySQL

More Coming Soon...

MEAN, ReactJS, Class Management Web App, and more!




Website still under construction! Thanks for your patience!